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Interdisciplinary Tumour Centre

Working together to defeat cancer

University Hospital Mannheim provides comprehensive cancer treatment in the Interdisciplinary Tumour Centre Mannheim. “Close cooperation between several specialist fields is essential for the best possible treatment of cancer. For this reason we come together in the Interdisciplinary Tumour Centre Mannheim as our centre of competence”, explains Professor Bernd Kasper, Medical Director of the centre. The Interdisciplinary Tumour Centre Mannheim has been the first point of contact for all cancer patients since 2005. The individual specialist departments such as medical oncology, surgery, radiotherapy and neuro-oncology offer consultations in the premises of the Interdisciplinary Tumour Centre Mannheim whereas the cancer treatment itself is carried out in the respective specialist departments. Approximately 5,000 cancer patients benefit from this interdisciplinary concept every year.

Exchange of Cancer & Tumour knowledge

The heart of the Interdisciplinary Tumour Centre Mannheim is to be found in the tumour boards: These conferences are attended by doctors from organ specialist fields such as urology and dermatology as well as by doctors from the fields of surgery, oncology, radiotherapy, pathology and radiology for the purpose of discussing new and existing patient cases. Every doctor contributes his or her specialist knowledge to the discussion of the optimal therapy planning and after-treatment for the patients. “Every week we hold ten tumour boards for the various organ groups. All the decisions are recorded in writing and then discussed with the patient in question”, Professor Kasper clarifies. “In this way we are able to present a complete cancer therapy plan to the patients within a few days and avoid any loss of valuable time.”

Certified quality standards

Since 2011 the Interdisciplinary Tumour Centre Mannheim has been certified as an oncology centre by the German Cancer Association (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft – DKG) and thus fulfils the highest standards of quality required by the organisation and the treatment of cancer patients. The seven certified organ centres for skin cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer, head and neck tumours, neuro-oncology, prostate carcinoma and gynaecological cancer are also within the competence field of Interdisciplinary Tumour Centre Mannheim. “The diversity and the breadth of our cancer treatment range are outstanding in Germany and testify to the quality of our concept”, emphasises Professor Kasper.

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