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Additional information for your stay

Cash Machine

You will find an ATM which is generally accessible to the public in House 6, level 2, room 2. It accepts a wide range of international cards such as Visa and MasterCard.


In our Patient House you have internet access in your room. To activate, please contact reception. Reception can also provide you with information on charges as well as a network cable for your laptop. Additionally, wireless internet access is available free of charge in most of our widespread university hospital grounds.

More information about the Patient House


We expressly disclaim any responsibility for any loss of money or belongings which have not been deposited at the counter. Therefore please leave all valuables at home or send them home with a family member upon admission.


In your own interest, it is not advisable to bring large sums of money or valuables with you into the hospital. If this cannot be avoided please hand such items to the nursing staff to be locked in a safe.


Parking spaces (subject to a fee) are available in close proximity to the hospital. We regret that you are not allowed to enter the hospital premises by car (except in an emergency).

A Quiet Night’s Rest

Please remember that enough restful sleep aids patients’ recovery. Therefore we ask you to show consideration for other patients who may be in greater need of sleep than you by remaining quiet during the night-time.


You can call nursing staff by using the remote control at your bedside. This is also equipped with a connection for headphones.

Religious Practice

Patients and family members of all religions are warmly invited to come and pray in our multi-faith chapel. You will find the chapel next to the entrance in House 6.


In the university hospital, smoking is allowed in specially designated smoking zones only.


You will find a taxi rank opposite House 1.


The phone by your bedside can initially be used only for internal hospital calls. If you would like to use the public telephone network to make or receive calls, you can request a PIN at your admission. Use of cell phones is generally permitted.

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