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Highest Quality Patient Care

The University Hospital Mannheim provides its patients with a maximum level of medical care in all fields of medicine. This is enhanced by our close cooperation with hospitals and physicians in the region. Our patients’ satisfaction is a decisive benchmark for the quality of our work. 

Excellent Research and Education

Together with Heidelberg University, as a university hospital we offer our medical students an excellent education – in patient care and in clinic-oriented medical research. We are continually working on our courses and curriculums in training and further education to ensure that our employees are as highly qualified as possible.

Good Teamwork

Employees from varied disciplines work closely together to give the very best care to our patients. We encourage their personal motivation and professional skills by fostering a culture of open communication, by involving our employees in decision-making and by giving them responsibility.

Patient Relations

Universal ethical and moral principles guide us in our work with our patients and their families. We honor them in every situation and always treat them with respect and courtesy.

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