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University Hospital Mannheim

As a full-service acute care hospital, the University Medical Centre Mannheim has a broad range of high-level expertise and up-to-date equipment for diagnostics and therapy. 4 800 employees care for over 250 000 patients per year in a total of around 30 clinics and institutes.

Our Medical DepartmentS

Are you interested in high-level medical treatment in Germany at the University Hospital Mannheim?

Please contact our International Patient Office

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About the International Patient Office


Fax +49 621/383-733867

Joachim Kamrad

Joachim Kamrad

Phone +49 621/383-1190

Günther Kirsthaler

Günter Kirstahler

Phone +49 621/383-3867

Sharice Molgat

Phone +49 621/383-1190

Mustapha Safsaf

Phone +49 621/383-3867

(Mustapha Safsaf can advise patients in German, English, Arabic, Russian and French)