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Do I have class 2 obesity?

Class 2 obesity is medically classified as a moderate form of obesity. Here, the cut-off point from being normally overweight is clearly crossed. The BMI for class 2 obesity is between 35 and 40. Everyday movements are much more strenuous, and the risk of secondary diseases increases significantly. However, BMI is only an initial guideline that the World Health Organisation (WHO) uses to assess obesity. Examinations are also carried out in the interdisciplinary team to identify potential physical and psychological consequences.

The abdominal girth and waist-to-hip ratio are important for the body fat percentage and distribution. Elevated blood lipid levels can cause atherosclerosis and lead to a heart attack or stroke in the long term. Mannheim University Hospital provides a BMI calculator so you can do your own initial assessment. If you suspect that you are class 2 obese based on the calculation and are already having have symptoms, you should seek medical attention for further clarification. Mannheim University Hospital offers a special obesity consultation hour for this purpose.

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