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Course of treatment: Individual advice

Obesity is a serious health limitation. There are relevant physical and psychological risks if obesity is severe. You can find out how overweight you are on the BMI page: Obesity classes 1–3 including body mass index calculator.

General information at the initial consultation

If your BMI is clearly too high, or you are already suffering from secondary diseases caused by obesity, you should seek support. The obesity specialists at Mannheim University Hospital can carry out or recommend further examinations so your individual health situation can be correctly assessed. During your first visit to the obesity clinic, we will tell you about different forms of therapy. The doctors also provide information about potential treatments over the phone or on a video call.

Individual treatment concept for obesity

Everyone is different, and the reasons for tendency to obesity are as varied as their treatment options. The doctors at Mannheim University Hospital will advise you on therapy options that suit you and your individual situation. In the ‘multimodal concept’, you will receive support from various medical disciplines at Mannheim University Hospital and external cooperation partners. This includes the likes of advice on nutrition, behavioural therapy, exercise therapy and educational seminars and information. The multimodal concept runs for approximately six months (different regulations for participation in the ‘multimodal concept’ apply to international patients).

Preparation for bariatric surgery

If the multimodal concept does not bring about a substantial reduction in the patient’s weight over a period of at least six months, the disciplines involved in the multimodal concept will hold a joint meeting to discuss whether surgical therapy is an option. The prior approval of the patient’s health insurance fund is no longer necessary once the patient has completed the multimodal concept and received the backing of all the interdisciplinary specialists. Doctors can make a very individual and sound recommendation by following patients for six months. Patients who have undergone surgery still attend Mannheim University Hospital regularly for intensive follow-up care after the procedure.

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