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Bariatric surgery at Mannheim University Hospital

To treat morbid obesity, at Mannheim University Hospital the Rhine Neckar Obesity Centre is on hand to help. The centre is certified by the German Society for General and Visceral Surgery (DGAV) as a ‘reference centre for bariatric and metabolic surgery’.

Overcoming excess weight and obesity

Obesity is a serious health limitation that, above a certain level, carries physical and psychological risks. You can find out whether you are overweight or what class of obesity you have on the BMI page: Obesity classes 1–3 including body mass index calculator.

Obesity Consultation Hour

Interdisciplinary concept to fight obesity

When you present yourself as a patient at Mannheim University Hospital, you will receive holistic care. The multimodal concept combines exercise, nutritional therapy, behavioural therapy and surgery.

Risks if obesity is left untreated 

Morbid obesity can be a trigger for numerous secondary diseases. It leads to wear and tear of the joints, which can often result in chronic pain, long-term use of painkillers and surgery. Affected individuals can develop flat feet and splay feet, not to mention knock knees or bow legs. Depending on the severity of the obesity, the spine is also put under a lot of strain – even to the point of a slipped disc. Elevated cholesterol levels and the development of type 2 diabetes can also result from severe obesity.

Sleep apnoea (where someone stops breathing at night) can also be triggered by obesity. Furthermore, obesity is associated with heart conditions that sometimes have life-threatening consequences, not to mention non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Patients with severe obesity are often ashamed of their appearance and limited mobility. In many cases, this leads to depression and social issues.

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Consultation hours and appointments

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The obesity clinic team