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Quality, Certifications & Awards

The excellent professional quality of our employees, structured processes, as well as latest medical technology and procedures, all form the basis for the high quality of our patient care. Together with our Quality Management, we work on improving step by step every day.


Chest Pain Unit

Chest Pain Unit is a Certificate from German Cardiac Society for Hospitals who are specialized to regocnize the reason for pain within the chest area.

German Cancer Association

This Certificate is only provided to hospitals or clinics who have been awarded several times for different types of cancer treatments and fulfill special criteria set by the German Cancer Association.

Initiative for Quality in Medicine

The University Medical Centre Mannheim is a proud member of IQM Initiative Qualitätsmedizin (Initiative for Quality in Medicine). All IQM members focus on continually improving medical care.

Cooperation for Transparence and Quality in Health Care

KTQ is a quality certification process specifically developed for hospitals that checks 63 criteria in 6 categories.


Focus: University Medical Centre Mannheim ranks amongst the best hospitals in Germany for the fourth time in a row

The University Medical Centre Mannheim is one of the “Top National Hospitals 2019” according to the leading German news magazine “Focus Gesundheit” (Focus Health).

For the third time in a row, the University Medical Centre Mannheim ranks amongst the leading specialists in Germany, above all in its treatment of bowel cancer and prostate cancer. It is also one of the recommended clinics for breast and lung cancer, cardiology, orthopedics, high-risk births and radiotherapy.

Focus: 14 "Top Medical Experts" at UMM

The University Medical Centre Mannheim (UMM) is, according to ‘FOCUS Health’, not only ranked a ‘Top National Hospital 2019’ but also employs 14 ‘Top Medical Experts 2018’.

The renowned health journal bestowed awards upon 14 UMM physicians in their respective medical fields. Half of the award-winning UMM physicians were given awards for the treatment of cancerous diseases. UMM also has a significant number of ‘Top Medical Experts’ in the field of surgery.

Overview of all 14 "Top Medical Experts"

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