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Neurooncology Center Mannheim

At the Neurooncology Center Mannheim we treat all benign and malignant tumors of the central and peripheral nervous system and its adjacent structures, i.e. skull and spine. The treatment includes diagnostics and planning, surgery, adjuvant therapy and aftercare.

The cooperation of various clinics and departments enables our patients to receive comprehensive and individual therapy for neuro-oncological diseases. The clinics and departments at the Neurooncology Center Mannheim are the Neurological Clinic, Neurosurgical Clinic, Clinic for Radiation Therapy and Radiooncology, the Department of Neuroradiology and the Internal Oncology Department.

Another important partner for the Neurooncology Centre is the Department of Neuropathology at the University Hospital of Heidelberg.

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The Neurooncology Center Mannheim (NOZ) will be able to support you in the timely assignment of your patients and also offers you the opportunity to participate in the tumor boards or to obtain a second opinion. Read more

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Neuroonkologisches Zentrum Mannheim


Certified by the German Cancer Society e.V.

Zertifiziertes Neuroonkologisches Zentrum