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Group members

Technical Assistance

  • Tiziana Caccamo, Medical Technologist for Laboratory Analytics (associated to PD Dr. Nadja Meindl-Beinker)

PhD Students

  • Weronika Pioronska
    GPNMB in hepatic steatogenesis and cancer
  • Rilu Feng
    Regulation of Albumin synthesis in response to pathophysiological challenges
  • Tao Lin
    Activin as driver of liver progenitor cells to take over coagulation function in acute-on-chronic liver failure through upregulation of HNF4alpha
  • Yujia Li
    Extracellular Matrix (ECM) 1 in liver homeostasis, regeneration and chronic liver disease

MD Students

  • Samil Ayvaz
    ECM1 blood level mapping for early diagnosis of chronic liver diseases
  • Sophie Alex
    Mechanistic investigation of Smad3 linker phosphorylation mediated signal transduction and its impact on tumor features in cholangiocarcinoma cells
  • Jan Albin
    TGF-β2 expressing and responsive cell type and cell fate identification in the context of cholestatic liver diseases
  • Stella Rehbock
    Nuclear ploidy as predictor for liver regeneration efficiency in mouse models and human patients with liver diseases
  • Xiaoling Gao
    Dynamic changes of TGF-β signaling during cholestatic liver disease progression in the ABCB4KO mouse
  • Yueni Li
    Quantitative cell fate dynamics in acute and chronically injured mouse liver


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  • BMBF (LiSyM, GoBio)
  • DFG
  • CSC – Chinese Scholarship Council
  • Chinesisch-Deutsches Zentrum für Wissenschaftsförderung